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Michigan Notable Books FAQ

1. How many titles do you review each year?
This varies and can range from 250 to 400 titles. We review as many of the Michigan-related books published each year as possible. Let us know of any books we should review. Note that new editions (2nd, 3rd, etc.), revisions and previously published books are not considered. See How to Contact and Submit Titles to the Michigan Notable Books Program for more specific information.

2. How broad is your selection?
We review anything that is related to Michigan or the Great Lakes (with a focus on Michigan). We try to review as many of the Michigan-based fiction writers as possible. Fiction that is not strongly Michigan-related is still considered. If the book is non-fiction and not related to Michigan or the Great Lakes, it is not considered.

3. May I use the Michigan Notable Books seal on my Web site or my book?
If you are a publisher who wishes to use the medallion on the dust jacket, please contact Michigan Notable Books staff,, for pricing information and permission to use.

You may use the seal on your Web site if you are an honored author, if you're writing a review of the Michigan Notable Books or blogging about the program, or if a Michigan Notable Book author is visiting your organization. We're very honored by people using it. Do indicate that the current year and the copyright notice (Copyright the Library of Michigan). If you have other questions about the medallion, ask the
Michigan Notable Books staff,

4. How do I find out the addresses/phone numbers/e-mail addresses of the authors listed here?
Check out the Michigan Authors and Illustrators directory or contact the Michigan Notable Books staff, Please note, some authors do not want their direct contact information given out. We will let you know if this is the case.

5. Why wasn't my book selected?
The program is very competitive, and there are just 20 slots on the list. Annually up to 300 separate titles are submitted or considered for the program. Additionally, authors of titles not selected for the Michigan Notable Books list will not receive notification that their book was not selected as a Michigan Notable Book. Only titles selected for the list will receive any form of notification. 

6. Why do you ask for so many copies of books under consideration?
The selection committee has 10 to 16 members. Having additional copies ensures that more committee members may review the titles at any given time. Whatever number of copies you can submit is appreciated and will help with reviewing. It is not a requirement to submit copies for consideration, but being able to review the actual book helps with our evaluation process.

7. How can I be on the selection committee? How do you select the committee members?
Please let us know if you're interested in being on the selection committee. Contact the Michigan Notable Books staff at We aim for a good representation of book lovers from a variety of background and representatives from different areas of Michigan. Members serve approximately three-year terms, so only a few slots open up each year. Our committee includes booksellers, book reviewers, journalists, librarians, Michigan historians, archaeologists, writers, editors and anyone who is interested in books and in Michigan.

8. What does it take to be a committee member?
We ask that people try to commit to three years of service on the committee if possible. It is not a requirement that all 300-plus books reviewed each year be read cover-to-cover, although a good skimming capability will help greatly in getting through most of the titles. We do need people who can cultivate a good reviewing capacity in terms of evaluating books. We need people who are good readers and who are willing to try out books they might not normally read, as materials reviewed include sports books, poetry, children's books, adult fiction and non-fiction of all sorts.

9. How is the program supported?
By sponsors & grants. We apply for appropriate grants and much appreciate our sponsors. The sponsors donate money for the reception honoring the authors, for the printing costs of the poster, medallions and bookmarks, and for the statewide author tour. For more information and to support our efforts, please contact the Michigan Notable Books staff or the Library of Michigan Foundation.

10. How can my library be considered for participating in the statewide author tour?
Please send questions on this to

11. What books have made it on your list in previous years?
Selections from past years are listed here:
See this year's and previous years' Michigan Notable Books lists.

12. Why aren't all the years listed? You're missing 1998, and 1991-1995.
Unfortunately, we do not have the lists for those years. If you happen to find them, please send those lists and the source to Those years are the years before the Library of Michigan took over the program.


Updated 06/13/2022