• Benefits of working for DTMB


    Challenging work

    Opportunity to make a difference

    Competitive Salary

    Fun Working Environment

    Great Benefits

    Job Stability

    Flexible Work Schedule

    Discounted Tuition Rate

    Leading Edge Technologies

    Professional Development

    Employee Discount Plan

    Career Advancement

  • Why do we love working for DTMB?
     woman  "DTMB is a great place to work! Here I can grow and develop my skills, knowledge and expertise while working with many wonderful people. I have opportunities to make a difference every day for our customers and work on cool projects that touch the lives of all Michigan citizens!"
     man  "I really enjoy working for the DTMB because the job and challenges are very interesting and provide me the flexibility and opportunity to learn new things about people, processes  and technology and stay focused every day. It is really exciting to be part of a work  environment that encourage creativity, ideas, professional development and growth that always brings the best out of me."

    "I enjoy the responsibility and professional atmosphere of my job, while still participating in a learning environment that is understanding of my education as a student. I also love the consistency of my schedule and the security of my work, a luxury that most students don’t get to experience."

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