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Risk Management

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Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Risk Management

About Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The State of Michigan’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) section is responsible for insuring and protecting the people, property, and activities of state government.

ERM’s purpose is to develop a common understanding of risk across multiple business functions with the overarching goal to proactively identify potential loss and deploy appropriate risk-mitigation efforts to avoid or reduce any adverse impact to the State’s objectives. ERM efforts allow the State to achieve cost savings through better management of internal resources and allocating capital more efficiently on an enterprise-wide basis.

Under the direction of the Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget, ERM provides risk management services to all state departments. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Procuring comprehensive insurance policies.
  • Assessing the level of risk exposure involved with state contracts to determine appropriate mitigation and avoidance strategies.
  • Approving insurance language in state contracts and validating contractors’ insurance coverage.
  • Providing risk-related training and consultation.
  • Administering the state’s vehicle self-insurance fund.
  • Resolving specific claims and lawsuits against the state in collaboration with the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.

Enterprise Risk Management Contact Info


Enterprise Risk Management Mailing Address

State of Michigan
DTMB Enterprise Risk Management
320 S. Walnut Street, 2nd FLR N
P.O. Box 30026
Lansing, MI 48909

Enterprise Risk Management Staff Contact Info

Stephanie Epps-Guzek
Engagement & Enterprise Risk Management Section

Gavin Lacambra
Engagement & Enterprise Risk Management Section
Risk Manager

Meagan Bryant
Engagement & Enterprise Risk Management Section
Risk Analyst