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Mailing Services

Mail Sorting Machine
Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Mailing Services

Please note: Postal pricing can be reviewed at:

DTMB Mail and Delivery Services offers a full range of automated and manual mail handling and delivery services.  By utilizing these services, State agencies, colleges and universities, public school districts, and local units of government can realize significant cost savings. 

DTMB staff are available to help offices design pieces to meet the standards and to recommend ways to obtain the best mailing rates. View more information about postal changes and DTMB services and contacts.

Mail Services

Automated Services

Continuous Form Detaching: (Bursting) Mailing Services offers continuous fan folded form detaching whereby the individual forms are separated and trimmed in preparation for individual folding, inserting into envelopes, or returned in a cut sheet format.

Inserting: Mailing Services offers automated mail inserting on high speed equipment for both non-signature and signature documents into letter size and flat size envelopes. The equipment is all intelligent based, allowing for document set matching into a single envelope. Automated set inserting must use mail industry standard coding such as OMR, 2 of 5, 3 of 9 or 2D

Tabbing: Mailing Services offers mechanically affixed self-adhesive wafers to seal open page mailers in compliance with postal regulations. Service can accommodate letter and flat size mailers, and dual post cards

Address List Management: Mailing Services offers Address List Management using a USPS approved commercially based software. Our software preforms address standardization and address move updating service by linking to the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) system. Lists can be updated to most current addresses on file with the USPS. Mailing Services accepts address files in the following formats: dbase, fixed or delimited, ASCII, Excel, or Access flies. These services are then linked to our Direct Address Ink-Jet Service

Direct Address Ink-Jetting: Mailing Services offers Ink-Jet services to apply address, postal markings and postal bar coding directly to the mail media. Services can be applied to post cards, letter and flat-size envelopes, self-mailers and catalogs

Inquires can be directed to 517-636-5500 or

Mail Metering

State of the art equipment and technology are used to meter outgoing U.S. mail. Customers provide billing information along with mail to be metered. Once received, mail is weighed, and the appropriate postage is affixed. Mail that qualifies for a U.S. Postal Service discounted sorting rate is metered at the discounted rate and them presorted on Mailing Services’ high-speed mail presorting equipment. 

Mail Presorting

Mailing Services’ uses high-speed mail presorting equipment to presort outgoing U.S. mail by ZIP code. This facilitates customers receiving the greatest available postal discounts from the U.S. Postal Service. Optical Character Recognition equipment is used to read and verify addresses, spray the appropriate Delivery Point Barcodes on mail pieces, verify the barcodes and sort the mail pieces by ZIP codes. This includes the use of Fastforward services which reads and compares the mail piece address to the most recent Postal Service change of address file and, if needed, sprays the new address of the mail piece. The mail is then packaged according to Postal Service regulations and taken to the local post office for processing.

Address List Management Service, Address Standardization, and Move Updates

This service allows for address element updates (zip code, corrections and move "updates" through an approved USPS vendor).

Manual Mail Processing

When manual processing is required, Mailing Services provides the following manual processing services: sorting, collating, inserting, labeling, packaging, sealing, and United Parcel Service (UPS). UPS services include preparing and shipping packages and parcels by means of UPS’ Internet-based shipping system. Each day, UPS picks up packages and parcels from MS for processing. 

Small Package Service

Consulting Services

For more information regarding our mail services, please contact:

Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget
Mail & Delivery Services
7461 Crowner Drive, Lansing, MI, 48913
517-636-7717  Fax