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ID Mail and Delivery Services

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Department of Technology, Management and Budget

ID Mail and Delivery Services

Delivery Services

DTMB Delivery Services provides comprehensive transport services tailored to the needs of each customer as well ID Mail and moving services. Focus is just-in-time delivery and drop shipments to assure product is delivered to the customers at the time and point of need. The program is designed to provide these services to all state agencies through a combination of daily routes, monthly route schedules, and on-demand.

ID Mail

Inter-departmental Mail (ID Mail) Service is one of the principal functions within Delivery Services. ID Mail service is provided to all state agencies in the greater Lansing area. Five regional routes also provide service to many state agencies in cities across southeastern, southwestern, and mid-Michigan. In addition, Delivery Services is the authorized agent for the State of Michigan,which allows them to receive and distribute all accountable mail from the U.S. Postal Service. Included in this mail is Express, Certified, Registered, Insured, and Business Reply.

How to Properly Address an ID Mail Envelope

The proper addressing of ID Mail will result in prompt and efficient routing and delivery. ID Mail envelopes should be used when sending mail through the ID Mail system. Each piece should carry the department, division/section, location, and person's name for which the mail is intended. Street address, building name, and floor/room number should be added if pertinent to the address. ID Mail sent to locations outside the greater Lansing area, via one of our regional routes, should always carry the street address and the city in which the office is located, as well as the previously mentioned address elements for ID Mail.  For example, DTMB Financial Services, 2nd Floor Elliott Larsen Building, Attention: Kim Smith.

Freight Services Delivery Services provides a full range of freight services to state agencies in the Lansing area, southeast, southwest, and mid-Michigan.  Freight Services offers as needed one time shipments of surplus items, large outstate mailings, palletized items, and other cargo. OnDemand freight may be scheduled with customers when service is requested. Requests for freight pick-up and deliveries can be made by emailing a completed DTMB-0948 Requisition for Freight Services form to DTMB-Delivery-Services.

Moving Services Delivery Services provides moving services for office relocations, whether to a new facility or location within a current facility. Other types of moves such as warehouse moves can also be provided. Moving Services can perform moves throughout the entire State. Our rate for services, for weekend moves, are 30% less than the rates charged under the State contract with a private vendor. Please contact us for availability and a quote at any time. Requests for office and furniture moves can be made by emailing a completed DTMB-0947 Requisition for Moving Services form to DTMB-Delivery-Services.

Rolling Ad Services Delivery Services provides a mobile advertising service called Rolling Ad. Our existing fleet can be used as a mobile billboard which an agency can lease space on.Our vehicles travel around Lansing, as well as to other areas of the state, on a regular basis.