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DTMB Strategic Plan


Optimize enterprise-wide business, financial, and technical
services to enable a government that works.


Help drive efficiency. Connect customers to services.
Deliver solutions.

Our Values

DTMB Help. Connect. Solve. Logo - Strategic Plan

About Our Values

As people of integrity, we adhere to the State of Michigan’s values of leadership, excellence, teamwork and customer service.

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Customer Service

Understand your customer. Be understood. Deliver solutions.

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Be a positive influence. Embrace diversity and inclusion.

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Always do your best. Take pride in your role.

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Always do what is right.

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Collaborate to meet our goals.


Goal 1 | Improve customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction for stakeholders receiving DTMB services by implementing data-driven action plans to improve quality of service.

Outcome metric: Increase percentage of DTMB service areas with a customer satisfaction score at or above 78%

Strategic objectives:

  • Improve customer satisfaction scores for underperforming service areas by establishing a standard approach to customer satisfaction action planning
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of business units with an approved customer service action plan by March 31, 2020.
  • Improve satisfaction scores for underperforming service areas by implementing customer satisfaction action plans.
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of low scoring business units with action plans on track for completion.

Goal 2 | Responsible use of taxpayer revenue

Responsible use of taxpayer revenue through benchmarking and best-in-class methodology

Outcome metric: Optimize the cost-effectiveness of DTMB operations.

Strategic objectives:

  • Establish DTMB core responsibilities that should be implemented as an enterprise standard
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of DTMB business units with identified value-stream aligned to core responsibilities
  • Improve financial reporting and forecasting for DTMB by establishing a consistent and transparent model for management decision-making.
  • Key performance indicator: Financial reporting and forecasting model completed and approved by date TBD.
  • Establish benchmarks as validation of operational efficiencies for DTMB enterprise standard.
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of DTMB operations with an established benchmark to target (%) by date TBD
  • Meet operational benchmarks for DTMB operations by applying corrective actions and ensuring compliance with best practices.
  • Percentage of selected critical operations demonstrating improved cost effectiveness by TBD.

Goal 3 | Reduction of audit findings

Reduce repeat material audit findings for the enterprise by reviewing open audits and creating remediation action plans that include comprehensive communication and training.

Outcome metric: Decrease number of repeat material audit findings.

Strategic objectives:

  • Establish OAG and federal, and self-identified audits as the source of truth for material audit findings to be remediated.
  • Key performance indicator: OIAS [baselines] and maintains active portfolio of material findings and reports quarterly to DTMB
  • Establish prioritization matrix based on risk/cost/benefit to define order of work.
  • Key performance indicator – List of material findings to be addressed in priority format, including resolution metrics.
  • List of OIAS recommendations (or other risk assessment services/self-identified) in prioritized format, including resolution metrics.
  • Key performance indicator: List of material findings to be addressed in priority format, including resolution metrics.
  • Establish, document, and maintain standard auditable procedures at the program level.
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of program areas that have created and maintained standard operating procedures.

Goal 4 | Maximize employee performance

Maximize employee performance by ensuring that people with the right skills are in the right jobs.

Outcome metric: Percentage of operational performance metrics meeting or exceeding their target.

Strategic objectives:

  • Ensure an accurate description of the work and technical and behavioral skills needed for employees to accomplish their jobs by validating PDs no less than every 2 years.
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of PDs validated biennially.
  • Develop and implement a process to effectively identify and address gaps between the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to do the job and those held by employees.
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of areas with updated staffing plans annually.
  • Create and implement a departmental plan to attract qualified applicants for positions.
  • Key performance indicator: Decreased number of job re-postings.

Goal 5 | Improve employee engagement

Improve engagement for DTMB employees by creating and implementing employee engagement action plans.

Outcome metric: Increase DTMB employee engagement score from 83% to 85% by 2025.

Strategic objectives:

  • Increase DTMB employee engagement by implementing a department level action plan after each employee survey.
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of action plan items completed or on track for completion.
  • Increase DTMB employee engagement by having DTMB senior staff conduct strategic vision discussions for their area by Dec. 31 each year.
  • Key performance indicator: Percentage of vision discussions completed annually by Dec. 31.
  • Increase DTMB employee engagement by taking action on recommendations from the DTMB diversity and inclusion committee.
  • Key performance indicator: The diversity and inclusion committee will be formed, with a charter in place by Dec. 31, 2019.

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