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How to Register as a Vendor

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How to Register as a Vendor

Let's Do Business.

Interested in bidding on contracts and selling your goods or services to the State of Michigan? The first step is to register as a vendor.

The State of Michigan relies on a diverse collection of suppliers to get the goods and services it needs to operate. With hundreds of multi-year contracts valued at billions of dollars, the State always has a need for quality vendors to bid on contracts. Registration is free. Read on for how to get started.

How to Register as a Vendor

You must register and get a SIGMA VSS account to bid on open solicitations. 

The State of Michigan posts all bid opportunities via the SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (SIGMA VSS) system. SIGMA VSS provides one secure location for vendors to bid on solicitations and track payment information. Registration is free. It's important that you keep your SIGMA VSS profile updated if anything involving your company changes.

Important Registration Information

It's important that your SIGMA VSS profile includes the following information:

  • Commodity Codes
  • Business Types
  • Email Addresses

NOTE: Vendors looking to get a food service license need to contact the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD). Visit MDARD's How to Apply for a Food Service License page for more information.

Register as a Vendor Contact Info

If you need assistance registering, contact the State of Michigan (SIGMA VSS) Support Center at or by calling 517-284-0550.

If you have questions about the content of this page, please contact:


Ready to Register?

Register for free on SIGMA VSS and start bidding on solicitations. The information below on this page will help you with your account setup.


Adding Commodity Codes 

Why Are Commodity Codes Important?

There are three primary reasons you should select commodity codes and keep them updated:

  • Bid Notifications. Including commodity codes and email addresses in your SIGMA VSS profile is the only way to be notified of state bid opportunities.
  • Additional Opportunities. Michigan schools and other local governments use SIGMA VSS. Identifying the correct commodity codes for your business ensures that the system will notify you of bids that match your codes.
  • Tells a Story. Commodity codes are the best and quickest way to communicate to the state what products and services your company can provide. This helps us understand our bidder pool and categorize opportunities appropriately.

    Commodity Code Lookup

Need more help adding commodity codes? The SIGMA VSS team demonstrates how to add business types to your profile in this video.

Register as a Vendor on SIGMA VSS
This video demonstrates to SIGMA vendors how they can add and delete Commodity Codes from their SIGMA Vendor Self-Service account.  This will allow vendors to receive notifications on State of Michigan contracts being sent out for requests for proposals related to the commodity codes selected.

Adding Business Types

Why are Business Types Important?

When registering in SIGMA VSS you'll also have an opportunity to identify business types associated with your business. Certain business types are eligible for purchasing programs or preferences. Examples include the Michigan Supplier Community (MiSC) program or the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business preference. Visit the Programs and Polices section of DTMB's website for more details.  

Business Type Lookup

Need more help adding business types? The SIGMA VSS team demonstrates how to add business types to your profile in this video.

Register as a Vendor on SIGMA VSS
This video demonstrates to SIGMA vendors how they can add and delete Business Types from their SIGMA Vendor Self-Service account. Business Types included in a vendor's profile provides the State of Michigan the ability to expand business opportunities within low-income communities and underutilized business areas.