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Contact State of Michigan Procurement

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Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Contact State of Michigan Procurement

Contact State of Michigan Procurement

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General Contact Info

Mailing Address

PO BOX 30026
LANSING MI 48909-7526

Email & Phone


Phone: 517-284-7000
Toll-Free: 1-855-MIPURCH
Fax: 517-335-0046

State Buyer Directory

For purchases under $50,000 and all delegated authority purchasing you can contact the state agency buyers to make them aware of the products you sell. Purchases that fall under the $50K threshold are typically not posted on SIGMA VSS.

The State Buyer Directory serves as directory for all buyers within the State of Michigan's departments and is available for download.

Download the State Buyer Directory (Excel)

State of Michigan Procurement Staff Directory

Below is a complete list of State of Michigan Procurement's sourcing (i.e. buyers) and support staff. If you are looking for purchasing professionals within other State of Michigan agencies or different DTMB agencies refer to the State Buyer Directory available elsewhere on this page.

Sourcing Staff (Buyers) - Central Procurement Services

Name Position Division Email Phone
Baldwin, Simon Category Director
Information Technology 517-897-7681
Barron, Jarrod Category Specialist Information Technology 517-249-0406
Beck, Melissa Sr. Category Specialist Services & Commodities 517-897-1502
Bronz, Jennifer Category Manager Information Technology 517-249-0493
Curtis, Marisha Category Analyst Information Technology 517-328-9462
Doak, Alannah Category Analyst Services & Commodities 517-230-9424
Dufour, Yvon Category Specialist Services & Commodities 517-249-0455
Edgecomb, Anthony
Strategic Specialist Enterprise Sourcing 517-449-6419
Gove, Marissa Category Specialist Services & Commodities 517-449-8952
Harrell, Nichole Sr. Category Analyst Services & Commodities 517-449-9245
Hiltz, Valerie Category Specialist Services & Commodities 517-249-0459
Kilgore, Liah Student Employee Services & Commodities -
Lampert, Robin Sr. Category Analyst Information Technology 517-582-2746
Lindeman, Matt Category Analyst Services & Commodities 517-243-3683
Lugibihl, Chelsea Category Director Services & Commodities 517-643-7006
Lyon, Jeremy Category Analyst Information Technology 517-230-2858
Martin, Mecca Category Specialist Information Technology 517-230-5694
Massa, Emily Category Analyst Services & Commodities 517-897-7321
McFarland, Katie Category Specialist Services & Commodities 517-930-6814
Mills, Kristine Sr. Category Analyst Information Technology 517-242-6402
Nakfoor, Joy Category Manager Services & Commodities 517-249-0481
Ostrowski, Mary Category Specialist Services & Commodities 517-249-0438
Platte, Pam Enterprise Sourcing Director Enterprise Sourcing 517-249-0927
Platte, Sarah Sr. Category Analyst Information Technology 517-219-2406
Regan, Sean Category Specialist Information Technology 517-243-8459
Rigg, Steve Category Manager Services & Commodities 517-249-0454
Romein, Shannon Category Analyst Information Technology 517-898-8102
Russell, Patrick Sr. Category Analyst Information Technology 517-648-7767
Sager, Jordana Category Analyst Services & Commodities 517-896-1903
Samuel, Brandon Category Specialist Services & Commodities 517-249-0439
Spitzley, Lisa Category Specialist Services & Commodities 517-249-0440
Stempek, Lauren Category Analyst Information Technology 517-243-4008
Watt-Smith, Susan Category Analyst Services & Commodities 517-230-0535
Weiss, Matthew Category Manager Information Technology 517-256-9895
Yeates, Jillian Category Specialist Information Technology 517-275-1131

Administrative & Support Staff - Central Procurement Services

Name Position Division Email Phone
Aktulga, Sena Department Analyst Technology & Reporting 517-420-6234
Ambrosier, Jared Chief Procurement Officer Administration 517-243-6238
Batora, Corinna Manager,
Professional Development
Policy, Training & Outreach 517-388-6745
Bryant, Meagan Agency Risk Management Specialist Enterprise Risk Management 517-256-8713
Camp, Will Manager,
Supplier Relations
Supplier Relations 517-242-1303
Chavez, Isidra Sr. Agency Liaison Agency Support 517-230-4954
Doyle, Rachel Curriculum Development Specialist Policy, Training & Outreach
Doyle, Susan Curriculum Development Specialist Policy, Training & Outreach -
Epps-Guzek, Stephanie
Enterprise Risk Management
Enterprise Risk Management 517-242-8216
Ernst, Joseph Sr. Relations Analyst Supplier Relations 517-275-1745
Fleming, Tammy Asst. FOIA Coordinator /
State Ad Board Claims Analyst
Policy, Training & Outreach 517-388-5773
Gibril, Mohamed Manager,
Technology & Reporting
Technology & Reporting 517-230-1452
Grishkina, Vera Performance Analyst Supplier Relations 517-256-4549
Hanses, Mary MiDEAL Coordinator Policy, Training & Outreach 517-388-4558
Hayes, Genevieve Division Director Policy, Training & Outreach 517-230-2817
Lacambra, Gavin Risk Manager Enterprise Risk Management 517-230-7226
Loftus, Wendy Executive Assistant Administration 517-281-6531
Meek-Davis, Steve Division Director,
Supplier Relations
Supplier Relations 517-242-9464
Marple, Andy Departmental Analyst,
Audit & Policy
Policy, Training & Outreach 517-604-8689
Minor, Brooke Office Support Technician Enterprise Risk Management 517-243-1395
Moore, Robin Curriculum Development Specialist Policy, Training & Outreach 517-282-7797
Pratt, Eric Geographically Disadvantaged Business Specialist Policy, Training & Outreach 517-231-3875
Proudfoot, Ben IT Specialist Technology & Reporting 517-599-2552
Rosario, DeEdra Risk Analyst Enterprise Risk Management 517-256-5477
Salim, Sakinah Analytical Tools & Database Specialist Technology & Reporting 517-249-0437
Spira, Andrea Training Administrative Coordinator Policy, Training & Outreach 517-449-3322
Terrill, Craig Communications Specialist Policy, Training & Outreach 517-388-6012
Topping, James SIGMA Liaison /
Customer Experience Assistant
Customer Experience 517-230-4822
Troub, Shelby State Administrative Board Secretary Policy, Training & Outreach 517-388-5850
Vaughn, Shawn MiDEAL Program Manager /
Outreach Program Manager
Policy, Training & Outreach 517-930-5984
Witt, Marcia Curriculum Development Specialist Policy, Training & Outreach -

This staff directory was last updated on 11/21/2023.