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Design & Construction 

Buidings and sky Photo by Philipp Birmes
Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Design & Construction 

Layout with Measuring Tape, Photo by Anete Lusina

The Design & Construction Division

The Design and Construction Division administers the State of Michigan's capital outlay, special maintenance, and miscellaneous operating project program. Providing services for all state agencies, Design and Construction provides professional management and direction of new facility construction, additions, renovations, and environmental cleanup projects. Services provided include contract procurement, project management, direction of contractors and consultants, complete construction oversight, environmental project management, land surveying, cost and budget analysis, problem solving, and technical consultation. Professional Service Contractors (architects, engineers, land surveyors, and landscape architects) provide design and construction administration services and are obtained through competitive proposals. Construction contracts are obtained through competitive bidding.

Design & Construction Staff Contact List

Prevailing Wage for DTMB Construction Contracts



Design and Construction has exciting news to share!! Insurance renewal certificates can now be emailed to Design and Construction at the following email address:

Insurance certificates required for contract execution should not be sent to this mailbox. These need to be forwarded to the appropriate Contract Specialist. 


SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (VSS)

The State of Michigan has upgraded its financial and business systems. The new SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (VSS) system has replaced Contract & Payment Express (C&PE) and Buy4Michigan.SIGMA VSS will improve how we work with vendors, payees, and grantees. Please visit for important updates, mandates and transition information, including actions you may need to take, and help desk contact information.

Visit the SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (VSS) website

Featured Project

Wilderness State Park Lakeshore Campground Redevelopment

The Department of Natural Resources project to redevelop the Wilderness State Park Lakeshore Campgrounds has been awarded the Statewide Planning Excellence Award for Public Outreach by the Michigan Chapter of the American Planning Association. This project team engaged park users through a Facebook page and online surveys, and incorporated concerns and ideas from the public into the completed design and construction. Joel Gordon and Tom Pawlowski from the Design and Construction Division provided leadership and representation for the Department of Natural Resources for this project. A presentation of the analysis, public outreach, and design is available at the DNR's site.

View the DNR Project Presentation