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Administrative Guide to State Government

The Administrative Guide to State Government (Ad Guide) is a set of policies and procedures used by State employees which presents the major processes through which State government operates. The Ad Guide is managed by DTMB, and the official version of it is maintained on DTMB’s public website. It includes interagency or statewide requirements and authorizations that come from multiple agencies including DTMB. Required and discretionary distributions and notices will be provided electronically unless otherwise required by law.

The Ad Guide is organized by categories. Each category consists of policies and procedures which have been assigned unique numbers. Policy numbers correspond to the category they align to, and procedure numbers correspond to the policy from which they are derived.

Policies are general statements of mandated or authorized courses of action and include a summary of its provisions and explicit statutory or other sources. Procedures are specific statements of the ways in which a State agency is directed to implement one or more aspects of the respective policy. Each procedure specifies the subject that it covers, the organizations or persons to which it applies, its purpose, the contact agency, a summary, a list of applicable forms and references, and procedural steps which are generally listed in a sequenced play script format (i.e., who does what, when, and how).


Revisions to the Ad Guide

Reviewing the Ad Guide periodically is vital to ensure it remains accurate and up to date. If updates are required, Policy Owners work with the Ad Guide Administrator to obtain internal approval, circulate to affected State agencies and departments for review, and route to the DTMB Director for final signature and approval.

For more information on how administrative and procedural directives may be issued, revised, or rescinded, see Ad Guide Procedures 1010.01 Inclusion of Information in Administrative Guide to State Government (Ad Guide) and 1010.03 DTMB One-time Instructional or Temporary Administrative Procedures.

If inaccuracies or discrepancies in the Ad Guide are uncovered, higher authority - such as the Michigan Constitution, statutes, case law, or administrative rules of the issuing agency - will prevail. To help other readers, all such instances should be reported in writing to the Director's Office, Department of Technology, Management and Budget.

Ad Guide Contacts

Readers are advised that any information critical to their activities should be discussed with the contact agency listed in each Ad Guide.

Please report comments, problems, or questions regarding the Ad Guide to the Ad Guide Administrator at or contact the Current Administrative Officer (Excel) for your department.

Administrative Guide Categories