DTMB Strategic Plan
  • FY 2015 - FY 2019 Strategic Plan PDF iconThe Department of Technology, Management and Budget FY2015 – FY2019 Strategic Plan sets forth the direction and priorities for the department for the coming years. This plan will guide us as we make bold changes in technology and enhance service delivery. The plan serves as our blueprint for achieving our mission and vision while focusing on our objectives.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Michigan Cyber Initiative 2015 PDF iconThe Michigan Cyber Initiative 2015, Leading the Nation: An Interagency Public-Private Collaboration, builds on the 2011 initiative and drives Michigan into the future of cybersecurity. Michigan is at the forefront of the national stage, driving cybersecurity policy and innovations to advance the nation now and into the future.
  • Mobile Transformation Strategy and Roadmap PDF iconMobile computing will help drive the transformation of the State's workforce, business process and the way the public interacts with government – innovating the way the State does business. In January of 2014 Gartner was engaged to assist the state in the development of the Mobility Strategy and Roadmap. The Mobile-First Strategy is being used as a guide for State entities to undertake a coordinated transformation of complex interdependent infrastructure and services in order to achieve the mobility vision. The vision for the Mobile First Strategy includes: accelerated reinvention, transformation of state government, and enable the Governor's reinvention mission. The mobility program allows the State to provide information services when and where they are needed regardless of location - improving employee and citizen efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.