Laboratory Supplies

Laboratory Supplies - Statewide
Contract #:  071B6600048  
Vendor: VWR International LLC 
Contract Expires: 3/31/2021
Contact Name: Lewis McMillan
To order, call 770-335-7925
You must have a VWR account number,
which you can obtain by calling (800) 431-4132 x 6320

 Lab Testing Kits
Contract #:  071B1300322  
Vendor: Qiagen Inc
Contract Expires: 6/30/22
Contact Name: Jennifer Cyr
To order, call 704-425-7935

















Laboratory Testing Kits, reagents and consumables
Contract #:  071B1300322  
Vendor: Qiagen, Inc.
Contract Expires: 6/30/17
Contact Name: Scott Evans
To order, call 734-233-1670