Pharmaceutical Distribution-MMCAP Infuse Statewide

Pharmaceutical Distribution-Prime Vendor Wholesaler 
Contract #: 071B5500077
Vendor: ASD Specialty Healthcare
Contract Expires:   October 31, 2019
Contact Person: Chad Yinger
Contact Information: 734-790-9729,

 To order pharmaceuticals off the wholesaler contract, the buying government must have an in-house pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical Distribution-No on-site Pharmacist 
Contract #: 071B7700126 
Vendor: Diamond Drugs, Inc.
Contract Expires:   October 31, 2019
Contact Person: Courtney Adams
Contact Information: 724-349-1111 x1036,
To order pharmaceuticals off the Diamond Drugs, Inc contact, the buying governmenta must NOT have an in-house pharmacey.

Pharmaceutial Distribution-Influenza Vaccination Pre-Orders

Contact # 190000000353
Vendor:  GlaxoSmithKline
Contract Expires:  December 31, 2022
Contact Person:  Babatunde Adedeji
Contact Information:  215-751-6786, 

Contract #: 190000000354
Vendor: McKesson Medical-Surgical Minnesota Supply Inc
Contract Expires:   March 14, 2024
Contact Person:  Scott Pickens
Contact Information:  614-208-0950,

Contract #: 19000000355
Vendor:  Seqirus USA, Inc.
Contract Expires:  March 14, 2024
Contact Person:  Kyle Mosley
Contact Phone:  908-723-5944

Contract # 190000000357
Vendor:  FFF Enterprises, Inc.
Contract Expires:  March 14, 2024
Contact Person:  Luke Noll
Contract Information:  800-843-7477 ext 1128


Additional Influenza Vaccination Information: MMCAP Infuse contract pricing is not available through your routine pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Repackaging bulk/wholesale pharmaceuticals

Contract #: 190000000882
Vendor:  Remedy Repack Inc.
Contract Expires:  2/28/21
Contact Person:  Susan E. Scott
Contract Information:  724-465-8762


Members Only: For complete product, pricing and vendor pre-booking information

  1. Select “Log In” from the upper right corner of the MMCAP Infuse website home page and then enter your user name and password.

  2. To view Influenza Pre-booking Information select “Programs” from the top banner, 

  3. then select “Influenza Pre-booking & Pricing Information” from the left side.

To place an order for Influenza Vaccine simply contact your chosen MMCAP Infuse contracted vendor as outlined in the spreadsheet. Be sure to identify yourself as 
an MMCAP Infuse member when placing your order.


Michigan is a member of the Minnesota Multi-State Contracting Alliance (MMCAP Infuse), which includes forty-three states. This mass buying power allows MMCAP Infuse to negotiate significantly reduced drug prices for its members. As a member, the State of Michigan receives substantial cost savings due to MMCAP Infuse’s discounts and rebates. 

Michigan extends its participation in MMCAP Infuse to MiDEAL Members, who must join MMCAP Infuse (no-fee required) in order to make purchases through them or create their own contracts with MMCAP Infuse.  A catalog of vendors and products are available on the MMCAP Infuse website, (member login required). 

MiDEAL Members that wish to use these contracts need to:

1) Contact Doug Glaser (517-898-3982,, the MMCAP Infuse State Contract, in DTMB Central Procurement.

2) Complete the form that Doug emails to you. 

3) Submit the completed form as directed.