Pharmaceutical Distribution-MMCAP Statewide



Pharmaceutical Distribution-Prime Vendor Wholesaler 
Contract #: 071B5500077
Vendor: Diamond Pharmacy Services
Contract Expires:
   October 31, 2019
Contact Person: Dale Williams
To order, call: 248-478-8030



Michigan is a member of the Minnesota Multi-State Contracting Alliance (MMCAP), which includes forty-three states. This mass buying power allows MMCAP to negotiate significantly reduced drug prices for its members. As a member, the State of Michigan receives substantial cost savings due to MMCAP's discounts and rebates. 

Michigan extends its participation in MMCAP to MiDEAL Members, who must join MMCAP in order to accept pharmaceuticals through them. To order pharmaceuticals off of this contract, the buying government must have an in-house pharmacy. ASD Specialty Healthcare is Michigan's prime contractor for pharmaceuticals through MMCAP. The contract number is 071B5500077. 

Information and a catalog of vendors and products are available at the MMCAP website,  . MiDEAL Members that wish to use this contract should: 

1) Contact Dan Stevens, the DTMB Procurement point-person.  Dan can be reached by phone at 517/284-7049    and by email at

2) Complete the form that Dan emails to you. 

3) Submit the completed form to Dan.