Natural Gas

Quotes for Natural Gas:  MiDeal member shall submit via email, a completed “MiDeal Customer Choice Pricing Request Form” to both contracted vendors (Constellation NewEnergy and My Choice Energy). MiDeal member shall also copy State of Michigan Consultant

Once a vendor has been awarded, that vendor shall provide the MiDeal member, and State of Michigan Consultant, with a Schedule A outlining the details of the transaction.

MiDEAL Customer Choice Pricing Request Form

Natural Gas Suppliers

Vendor:  Constellation NewEnergy-Gas Division, LLC
Contract # 180000000214
Contact Person:  Matt Tupta
​Phone Number: 502-213-9129
​Contract Expires:  3/25/25

Vendor:  My Choice Energy, LLC
​Contract # 180000000614
​Contact Person:  Pat Napolitan
​Phone Number:  586-248-7168
​Contract Expires:  3/31/25