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Business Types

NOTE: This page is for business type code lookup only.

This page is for reviewing available business types and is for reference purposes only. Vendors must add business types to their account via the SIGMA VSS system.


About Business Types

When registering in SIGMA VSS you have an opportunity to identify business types associated with your business.

Why are Business Types Important?

Certain business types are eligible for purchasing programs or preferences. This includes the Michigan Supplier Community (MiSC) program and the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business preference. Applying business types to your account in SIGMA VSS will ensure you can take advantage of current and future programs that you are eligible for.

Use the tables on this page to review which business types are available for you to add to your SIGMA VSS account.

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Business Types Questions

If you need assistance with adding commodity codes to your SIGMA VSS account, contact the State of Michigan (SIGMA VSS) Support Center:

If you have questions about the content of this page, please contact:

Geographically Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (GDBE) Business Type Categories

A GDBE business, as defined by Executive Directive 2019-08, is a Michigan based businesses located in low-income communities and underutilized business areas throughout Michigan. Eligible businesses must be headquartered in Michigan and either be located in a Qualified Opportunity Zone or be certified as a HUBZone business with the Small Business Administration. The business types presented in this section are available in SIGMA VSS.

Business Type Codes in SIGMA VSS
Michigan Principal Location AAMI
HUBZone Business ABHZ
Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) by Principal Location ACQP
QOZ by Employee Worksites ADQW
QOZ by Employee Homes AEQH

Demographic Business Type Categories 

The demographic business types presented in this section are available in SIGMA VSS.
Business Type Codes in SIGMA VSS
Arab Chaldean Owned ARCH
Asian Owned ASAN
Black/African American Owned BLAF
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise DBUS
Disadvantaged Person(s) Owned DADV
Hispanic/Latino Owned HILA
Inuit Owned ESIN
Minority Owned MNTY
Native American Owned AMIN
Person(s) with Disability Owned DABL
Woman/Women Owned WMNO

All Other Business Type Categories 

The business types presented in this section are available in SIGMA VSS.

Business Types Codes in SIGMA VSS
Community Rehab Organization CRHB
Consultant CSLT
Direct Human Services DHSV
Distributor DSTR
Educational EDUC
Large Business LRGB
Manufacturer MNFR
Medicaid Providers Only MDPR
Medical/Dental Services MLDL
Private Corporation PRCO
Professional Services PROF
Public Corporation PBCO
Retailer RTLR
Service Disabled Veteran Owned SDVO
Service/Maintenance SRVC
Sheltered Workshop WHSP
Small Business SMLB
Veteran Owned VTRN
Volunteer VNTR
White/Caucasian Owned WHCA
Wholesaler WHLS