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Policy on Press Releases and Advertising by State Vendors

In cases where the state does not issue a press release, but the vendor wishes to do so, the following policies apply:

  • The Department of Technology, Management, & Budget (DTMB) shall approve all releases or advertisements developed by vendors and has the right to approve, deny, and edit content, in part or in whole. Other state agencies may be consulted regarding the approval of the release. 
  • Press release should tout the partnership between DTMB and the vendor as a win for the citizens of Michigan and a good value for the state. 
  • Quotes from DTMB shall NOT promote or mention the vendor or the vendor's product in any way. Quotes can refer to the "need" that is met by the product or the vendor. In addition, quotes will be attributed to the appropriate working manager most familiar with the implementation of the product. Typically, the department director is not the appropriate person to be quoted in vendor news releases.
  • All department participation in vendor press releases shall be directed through and approved by the DTMB Public Information Officer (PIO).

DTMB will consider, but is not limited to, the following criteria when approving or denying press releases or advertisements by a vendor:

  • Timing: DTMB will consider the timing of the press release or advertisement in relationship to the expiration, extension, or renewal of the contract or any other pertinent events.
  • Content: The release or advertisement must not endorse the vendor or any other vendor. It must not use subjective terms such as "leader," "world class," or "best" in regard to the vendor.
  • Distribution: DTMB may review a vendor-supplied list of media to which the release or advertisement will be issued or placed.
  • Compensation: DTMB will not contribute to the cost of the placement of an advertisement by the third party vendor, unless previously agreed upon.
  • Performance: DTMB will consider the vendor's positive or negative performance on the contract.
  • Partners: DTMB may include evaluation and feedback from other state departments.