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Bidder Debriefings

DTMB Central Procurement encourages all bidders⁠—those who were successful in receiving an award and those who were not⁠—to arrange a debriefing session with the buyer handling the solicitation. This is a great way to help improve your proposals and become more competitive in the future.

Do not confuse a debrief with the bidder protest process

What is a Bidder Debriefing?

During a bidder debriefing session, the buyer will review your proposal, highlight its specific strengths, and indicate areas where the submission may have contained deficiencies.

In preparation of a debrief, request that the buyer email the evaluation synopsis. This document will show how the proposal was scored. Write down any questions concerning the evaluation synopsis before meeting with the buyer. The best debriefs take place when the bidder is prepared with questions. Do not confuse a debrief with the protest process. 

Debriefings may be conducted in person or over the phone.