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Current Energy Performance Contract Process

Contact: Kristi Zakrzewski 517-243-5669
Agency: Technology, Management & Budget

Current Energy Performance Contract Process

List of Qualified Accredited Energy Service Providers (ESPs)

Investment Grade Audit Phase

  • Request for Investment Grade Audit Proposal Advertised - Sample Request for Proposal
  • Selection of Firm by Ad Hoc Committee
  • Award of Professional Services Contract - Sample Professional Services Contract
  • Study /Audit Completed
  • Report submitted w/Proposed Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's) and Guaranteed Savings
  • Determination of Financing Method for Implementation Phase

Implementation Phase (Design-Build)

  • Short list of 2 to 3 firms based on questionnaire - Sample Questionnaire
  • Request for Proposals for Implementation Advertised - Sample DCCS RFP
  • Ad Hoc Committee selects Firm for Implementation Phase
  • Award of DCCS Contract
  • Detailed Design of ECM's/Preparation of Bidding Documents
  • ECM Installation
  • Monitoring and Verification