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How Do Members Use Contracts?

MiDEAL Members have access to approximately 500 contracts. 

  1. Visit the "Contract Connect" from the home screen to view the MiDEAL contracts.  
  2. Make direct contact with the designated vendor to make a purchase or ask questions. 
  3. If you don't find the contract you are looking for, contact us at to see if we can help. 

Important Provisions

The state has not determined or can guarantee that MiDEAL contracts will satisfy any local purchasing ordinances or policies.  The following actions are a violation of the MiDEAL Extended Purchasing Program and are grounds for removal from the program:  purchases made by MiDEAL Members for personal use or consumption by any individual, public employee or official and purchasing from MiDEAL contracts with the sole intent to resell the item.