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Cell Phones & Accessories

Overview: Contracts for cellular and wireless communication services. 


AT&T Wireless Service
Contract #:  210000000317
Contact:  Robert Jabkowski
Phone: 219-718-1646
Contract Expires: 8/11/2024

T-Mobile USA, Inc
Contract #:  210000000680
Contact: Shannon Hewitt-Tapp
Phone: 916-568-4495 
Contract Expires: 8/11/2024 

Cellco Partnership, dba Verizon

Contract #:  240000000033
Contact:  Heather Ruckman
Phone: 989-996-0795
Contract Expires: 8/11/28
Verizon Contract Note: MiDEAL members are required to maintain a line term of 18 months with the option to upgrade their equipment every 18 months. However, due to system limitations in Verizon's billing system, the line term may appear as 24 months on Verizon correspondence. It is important to note that if a MiDEAL member upgrades their equipment before the 18 months, the member will be subject to a prorated Offer Recovery Fee (ORF).