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Healthcare Contracts

Medical Administration Services for Post-Employment Health

Blue Cross Network of Michigan
Contract #:  071B7700002
Contact:  Patricia Soyemi
Phone:  313-448-6943
Contract Expires:  12/31/2023

Pharmacy Benefits Management for Post-Employment Health

Optum Insurance of Ohio
Contract #:  071B7700008
Contact:  Kevin Krotine
Phone:  412-417-9901
Contract Expires:  12/31/2023

Prescription Drug Administration Services 

Optum Insurance of Ohio
Contract #.  071B7700009
Contact:  Melissa Pulfer
Phone:  614-602-7794
Contract Expires:  12/31/2022

Pharmacy Benefits Management/Claims Adjudication

Overview: Contract for pharmacy benefit management & third party administration services. 

ScriptGuideRX (SGRX)
Contract #:  071B7700030
Contact:  Suvon Treece
Phone: 313-443-2368
Contract Expires:  11/30/2023