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Laboratory Supplies & Testing Kits

Overview:  Contracts for a full-line catalog of laboratory equipment and supplies.

Qiagen, Inc
Contract #:  220000001177
Contact: Terrie Wright
Phone: 850-206-1796
Contract Expires:  6/30/2027

Fisher Scientific Company, LLC
Contract #: 200000001949
Contact:  Eric Van Denburg
Phone:  949-842-9685
Contract Expires:  3/31/2023

VWR International, LLC
Contract #:  071B6600048
Primary Contact:  Rebecca Dixon
Phone:  858-210-1543
Secondary Contact: Tim Hillebrand
Phone: 616-304-8119 
You must have a VWR account number, which you can obtain by calling (800) 431-4132, Ext 6320
Contract Expires:  3/31/2023

Roche Diagnostics Corp
Contract #: 220000000727 
Contact:  Donna Brogren
Phone:   248-296-4977
Contract Expires:  8/31/2027
This contract includes Roche equipment, reagent rentals, consumables, and preventative maintenance services for HIV monitor, HCV, and bacterial DNA/RNA test kits.