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Materials Testing, Construction Quality Control & Geotechnical Engineering Services

Overview: The following vendors are part of Indefinite-Scope, Indefinite-Delivery (ISID), a State of Michigan prequalification program for professional services related to materials testing, construction quality control & geotechnical engineering services. The contracts are subject to a second-tier competitive bid process.


Materials Testing Consultants, Inc
Contract #:  00853
Contact: Douglas Sabin
Phone: 616-456-5469
Contract Expires: 09/6/2023

OHM Advisors, Inc

Contract #: 00854
Contact: Ben Gowell
Phone: 231-344-1150
Contract Expires: 9/06/2023

Professional Service Industries, Inc
Contract #: 00855 (please contact the vendor for contract)
Contact: Mahmoud El-Gamal
Phone: 248-957-9911
Contract Expires: 9/06/2023

Soil and Materials Engineers, Inc, dba SME
Contract #:  00856 (please contact vendor for contract)
Contact: Brad Ewart
Phone: 734-454-9900
 Contract Expires: 9/06/2023

Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc
Contract # 00857- Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 
Contact: Carey Suhan
Phone: 248-588-6200
Contract Expires: 9/06/2023