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Pharmaceutical Distribution-MMCAP Infuse

MMCAP Infuse

Michigan is a member of MMCAP Infuse, the only state operated healthcare purchasing group in the nation.  MMCAP Infuse leverages aggregated purchasing volume from members in all 50 states for lower prices.  As a member, the State of Michigan receives substantial cost savings due to MMCAP Infuses discounts and Annual Shareback Credit. Michigan extends participation in MMCAP Infuse to MiDEAL members who must joint MMCAP Infuse to validate eligibility.  Membership is free, participation is voluntary.  Get your MMCAP Infuse ID here and start exploring savings.
  • Pharmaceuticals (Rx, OTC, Vaccines, Narcan)
  • Pharmaceutical Distribution Services
  • Influenza Vaccines
  • Prescription Filling/Mail Order Service
  • Pharmaceutical Vials & Containers
  • Pharmaceutical Repackaging
  • Pharmaceutical Invoice Auditing
  • Returned Goods Processing
  • Medical Products
  • Dental Products & Services
  • Drug Testing Products & Services
  • Condoms
  • Diabetic Syringes and Supplies
  • Nutritionals
  • New contracts are in the works …

MMCAP Infuse Pharmaceutical Wholesale

Cardinal Health 110, LLC, and Cardinal Health 112, LLC
Contract #:  200000000416
Contact:  Wendy Sease
Phone:  651-247-0695
Contract Expires:  10/31/2024
To order pharmaceuticals off the wholesaler contract, the buying government must have an in-house pharmacy.

Repackaging bulk/wholesale pharmaceuticals

Remedy Repack, Inc
Contract #:  190000000882
Contact:  Susan E. Scott
Phone:  724-465-8762
Contract Expires:  5/31/2024

Flu Vaccine product, pricing and vendor pre-booking information:

  1. select the "MMCAP Legacy Website" above the search bar.
  2. For log in credentials contact or your SAE
  3. Select "Programs" and then "Influenza Pre-booking and Pricing." Here you will find the Influenza pricing and ordering instructions spreadsheet.

To place an order for Influenza Vaccine simply contact your chosen MMCAP Infuse contracted vendor as outlined in the spreadsheet.  Be sure to identity yourself as an MMCAP Infuse member and give them your ID number.