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Information Technology Research & Advisory Services (IT-RAS)

Overview: Prequalification contracts for research and advisory services including analyst inquiry calls, research materials, web portal access and document review. 

These contracts are subject to a second tier competitive bid process.

Gartner Group, Inc
Contract #:  230000000093
Contact: Chris Tapping
Phone: 734-899-7322
Contract Expires:  11/15/2027

Info-Tech Research Group, Inc
Contract #:  230000000094
Contact: Chris Scott
Phone: 1-888-670-8889 Ext 2819
Secondary Contact: Ryan Huggett
Phone: 1-888-670-8889 Ext 2691
Contract Expires:  11/15/2027
Info-Tech Research Group's portal

International Consulting Acquisition Corp, dba ISG Public Sector

Contract #:  230000000095
Contact:  John Zobel
Phone:  612-868-1039
Contract Expires:  11/15/2027