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Storage Platforms and Infrastructure (Pre-qual)

Overview:  Pre-Qual contracts for hardware and software products that provide for growth requirements and enhance the operational model and delivery of technology services. The following technology is included in the contracts: 

  • Orchestration technology:  Enables automation of discovery, provisioning, metering, troubleshooting and operational processes.
  • Fabric technology:  Supports modern connectivity mediums within a campus and across geographically dispersed data center facilities for storage and continuity technology assets.
  • Storage technology:  Provides file, block, object, or programmatic access to online disk storage for various hosts, servers, and environments hosted within data center facilities.
  • Continuity technology:  Provides online disk based or offline tape based backup of data to enable recoverability in the event of data loss.

EMC Corporation
Contract #:  071B7700099
Contact:  Kevin Cusick
Phone:  248-957-5947
Contract Expires:  1/25/2024

Open Systems Technologies, LLC
Contract #:  071B7700100
Contact:  Phil Anstett
Phone:  248-515-6818
Contract Expires:  1/17/2024