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Survey Grade Equipment

Overview:  Contracts for surveyor supplies and survey grade equipment.  The following equipment is included in the contracts: 
  • CORS, (Continuously Operating Reference Stations) and RTN (Real Time Networks) based equipment
  • Geodetic Grade, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers
  • Fully robotic total stations
  • Non-robotic  total stations
  • Digital levels
  • Automatic levels
  • High definition scanning, 3D laser scanners
  • GPS, (Geographic Information Systems Grade) receivers
  • Real-time monitor equipment and services
Leica Geosystems, Inc
Contract #:  180000000005
Contact:  Richard Sauve
Phone:  313-670-3395
Contract Expires:  9/30/2027


Seiler Instrument & Mfg Co
Contract #:  180000000006
Contact:  Ted Muns
Phone:  517-648-3759
Contract Expires:  9/30/2027