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Overview:  Contracts for tires and tubes. 

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC
Contract #:  190000000371
Contact:  Gregg Trosper
Phone:  615-937-3794
Contract Expires:  6/30/2024  
Steps to use the Bridgestone contract:

1.  Register your agency at After registering, you will receive a message with your login info. This site grants you access to updated pricing, servicing dealers, billing processes and other support documents.

2.  Provide the NASPO Price Book Number 7490 to the dealer you identified at the above-mentioned site to process and/or get contract pricing.

3.  All MiDEAL member orders are placed through the dealer and billed by the dealer.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Contract #:  190000000369
Contact:  Kenny Miller
Phone:  330-796-4352
Contract Expires:  6/30/2024  

Goodyear has a dedicated website for government sales.  The website provides government agencies with information about Goodyear products, supply, and pricing for the State of Michigan.  


Michelin North America, Inc.
Contract #: 220000001419
Contact:  Kelly Adams
Phone:  864-630-3979
Contract Expires:  11/30/2024