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Voting System Hardware, Firmware, Software & Service

Overview:  Contract for voting systems and includes hardware and firmware, related Election Management System software, initial and extended service and maintenance, training and replacement components/consumables.  

Dominion Voting Systems, Inc
Contract #:  071B7700117 
Contact:  Lori Patricola
Phone:  720-257-5209, Ext 9252 
Contract Expires: 2/28/2027

Election Systems & Software LLC
Contract #:  071B7700120 
Contact:  Wil Wesley
Phone:  954-816-0042
Contact Expires:  2/28/2027

Hart InterCivic, Inc
Contract #:  071B7700128 
Contact:  David Magedson
Phone:  515-252-6801
Contract Expires:  2/28/2027