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Grant Management System

Overview: Contracts for grant management systems.

Agate Software, Inc
Contract #: 230000000988
Contact: BJ Harrington
Phone: 517-336-2529
Contract Expires: 6/12/2028
Additional details: Contract for enhanced tools for the public to apply for grants and interact with agencies, improved tools for agencies to use to administer grants and loans, and support transparency through better data on grant and loan activities being available. 

MB3, Inc. dba Civix
Contract #: 230000000666
Contact: Rodney Thornhill
Phone: 321-206-3784
Contract Expires: 3/13/2028
Additional details: Contract for a hosted software as a service solution and applicable services to manage Federal Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency grant programs administered by Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (EMHSD) for federal disasters, hazard mitigation, and homeland security.