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Human Centered Design Services

Overview:  Prequalification contracts to provide consulting services for using standard Human Centered Design (HCD) methods to create deliverables for improvement projects for state agencies and MiDEAL members.  The vendors will increase stakeholder engagement to improve services by deploying specific activities to garner stakeholder input, define needs, understand issues, facilitate ideation, facilitate prototype creation, set metrics/measures, and recommend a program change. 

These contracts are subject to a second tier competitive bid process. See contracts for details.

Contract #:  210000001418
Contact:  Lisa Cawley
Phone:  859-248-1187
Contract Expires:  8/31/2026

Humans First Detroit, dba Civilla
Contract #:  210000001419
Contact:  Kari Larson
Phone:  734-730-8884
Contract Expires:  8/31/2026

McKinsey & Company, Inc
Contract #  210000001421
Contact:  Jessica Wrenn
Phone:  202-905-1173
Contract Expires:  8/31/2026

Resultant, LLC

Contract #:  210000001420
Contact: Josh Wakefield
Phone: 317-627-0763
Contract Expires:  8/31/2026

Slalom, LLC

Contract #:  210000001422
Contact:  Cathy Shim
Phone:  734-846-6575
Contract Expires:  8/31/2026