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Next Generation 911 GIS Addressing

Overview: Contract for Next Generation 911 (NG-911) geographic information systems (GIS) addressing that covers site and structure address points for geographic areas identified by the State as gap-fill areas. The gap-fill is performed using multiple data sources, including the following:

  • Statewide aerial imagery
  • Rooftop centroid points generated from building footprints
  • Tax parcels with addresses where they are available
  • Geocoded addresses from various sources 
  • Optional services include: development of statewide addressing standards, data development of other GIS layers or data maintenance of GIS data, tools for maintaining addressing data, and GIS consulting services.

Contract #: 220000000463
Contact:  Tom Harrington
Phone: 617-447-2488
Contract Expires:  3/14/2025

Geo-Comm, Inc
Contract #:  210000000651
Contact:  Heather Hoskins
Phone:  320-240-0040
Contract Expires:  3/31/2024