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MiDEAL Vendor Toolkit

MiDEAL Member Spreadsheet
Use the member spreadsheet to confirm an organization is a member before selling from a State of Michigan MiDEAL contract.

MiDEAL Marketing
Flyers to market State of Michigan MiDEAL contracts.

Vendor Reporting
View the vendor reporting instructions and supporting information.

Vendor Quick References

  • Vendors must verify membership before selling from contracts.
  • Potential organizations that are eligible for MiDEAL must join as a member to take advantage of state contracts.
  • MiDEAL membership fees range from $180-$510 annually. 
  • Eligible entities include: local government (cities, counties, townships, villages, authorities), universities, community colleges, K-12 schools/districts, MI federally recognized tribes, and non-profit hospitals. 
  • Vendors that would like to use the MiDEAL logo on their websites or marketing materials should contact Craig Terrill, Communications Specialist at

How Vendors Obtain MiDEAL Contracts

The MiDEAL Program is available to vendors who have a contract with the State of Michigan. Vendors who wish to do business with the state can sign up in SIGMA VSS, the state's platform for posting bids. If your business is awarded a state contract, it must include the extended purchasing language in the terms and conditions in order to be available to the members in the MiDEAL Program.

Learn more about doing business with the State of Michigan on the Let’s Do Business website.

Benefits to Vendors with MiDEAL Contracts

  • Maximize ROI:  Pursue additional business within the State of Michigan without completing additional bids.
  • Increase Exposure:  Contracts are available on the MiDEAL website.
  • Direct Connection:  The more than 1,300 members work directly with the vendors to secure the goods and services.
  • Collaboration:  The dedicated MiDEAL team is available to assist in marketing contracts and to answer questions.