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DTMB Print Consulting Services Available to All State Agencies

Printing Services Offers the Following Consulting Services:

  • Print reviews - Does your agency have a newsletter or large volumes of fliers that you have printed through a private printer, through a partner organization, off laser printers or off copy machines? There are many options that help to minimize the cost of such print needs while maintaining the effectiveness of your communication. These include paper, ink and binding options, as well as ensuring the most competitive provider. Also, lessons learned from other customers can provide innovative options as well. We will review your print jobs free upon request and recommend ways you can help your communication budget go further.

  • Bid management - No single printer can do everything and do it all at the most competitive price.If our internal print shop cannot produce your project, Printing Services will bid your print job to a number of pre-qualified private vendors to ensure that you receive the best value for your job.

  • Project oversight - The consultants have extensive industry knowledge that helps ensure jobs are ordered without error and are delivered as ordered. They speak the same language as other professionals in the print industry, and they communicate regularly with agencies to ensure strong service levels. This knowledge and communication helps customers move away from the detail of print production and focus more time on the core mission of their agency.

  • Vendor relations - Private print representatives can be helpful partners in understanding services that are available, but they also can consume significant staff time that could be better spent in other activities. Printing Services works with these print providers to ensure quality, timeliness, value and innovation is available when the agency needs it, but frees agency staff to focus time on more pressing work.