• Library-Specific E-Rate Training Announced for November 4, 2019 at Delta Township District Library

    It's been several years since Michigan has hosted a library-specific E-Rate workshop and a lot has changed. This half-day event will first cover E-Rate filing fundamentals for library directors and IT staff who are approaching it for the first time, or taking a second look at it. The next portion of the day will cover both the Michigan and national landscape for libraries so you can see yourself in a more holistic picture. Next, Marie Zuk, librarian-turned-E-Rate-consultant, will provide a peek into the consultant's perspective with tips for your own relationship with professional E-Rate services. And Matt Stark, director the MiSEN, will talk about the dramatic changes coming to Michigan. The MiSEN is a fiber backbone that provides fantastic speeds for a mere $.50/mb. What makes it even better is that libraries can sign a Letter of Agency with ISD/LEA to join local consortium applications where MISEN will process the E-Rate paperwork. Far less hands-on time for the library! We’ll wrap up the day with a library success story. Helena Hayes, director of the Galesburg-Charleston Memorial District Library, recently won a state matching grant to build fiber and will soon join their local ISD’s network. Hear from this library taking advantage of the MiSEN opportunity about what’s actually involved.


  • Universal Service Fund USF (E-rate) Support Services through the Library of Michigan. Check this link for specific information.

    E-rate is the federal program that provides for reduced rates on Internet access and internal connections for schools and libraries. Your discount rate is based on the number of school children in your area who are eligible for a free or reduced lunch. E-rate can save your library money through lower fees for these vital services. To connect with E-Rate support services you can send an email to erate@michigan.gov.

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  • E-Rate support efforts by the Library of Michigan are supported in part with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.