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Universal Service Fund (e-Rate)

Discount Program for Schools and Libraries

E-rate: the Universal Service Fund program designed to provide discounts on broadband connections and service to schools and libraries 

Michigan E-rate Contact Information and Support

Michigan Department of Education Contact: 
Joe Polasek, State E-Rate Coordinator or 517-335-1291                                                                           

Library of Michigan Contact:
Becky Wartella, Department Technician or 517-335-4038

For general questions on E-Rate, please use the email address.                    

State of Michigan E-Rate Matching Fund for Special Construction 

E-rate Information for Libraries

Research Your Funding History

Using E-Rate Central's website, enter your applicant Billed Entity Number in the Quick Funding Search. This will give you an E-Rate Utilization Summary Chart for all years of the E-Rate Program.
Research Your Funding History

Using REMC Catalog Pricing on E-Rate Category 2 Eligible Items

Did you know that applicants may use pricing from the Regional Educational Media Center Association of Michigan (REMC) product catalog as a bid on your Category 2 applications for discounts on internal connections equipment and software? Below is a "how to" on using REMC pricing in your E-Rate bid process.

Using REMC Catalog Pricing on E-Rate Category 2 Eligible Items