Beginning Workshop

Libraries that needed staff attend this event to meet the staffing requirements for State Aid to Public Libraries purposes will be provided with a waiver.  

The Library of Michigan’s Beginning Workshop will be an online course for library staff without a Master's degree in Library Science.  The aim continues to be an effort to introduce library staff to a variety of topics and offer them practical skills that they can use working in a Michigan public library. Anyone new to the profession or just hired at a library, no matter what their academic credentials, is welcome to take part in the course.

For those seeking an initial Level 3 or Level 4 library staff certification from the Library of Michigan completion of the Beginning Workshop course is obligatory. For more information on Library of Michigan’s certification program visit the Library Staff Certification page.  Details will be posted to Michlib-L about the course availability in 2021.

The Beginning Workshop is supported with funds from the Library of Michigan Foundation and is made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.