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  • How do I register for Business Taxes?

    1. Begin at Michigan Treasury Online (MTO).
    2. For new users “Create a User Profile”.
    3. Set up your User ID and Password.
    4. Go to Account Log In.
    5. Log in to MTO using your new MTO User ID and Password.
    6. Begin creating your business relationship by  selecting “Create a New Business Relationship”.
    7. Select "I do have an FEIN".
    8. Select start and eRegistration.
    9. Upon Completion of the eRegistration, return to Michigan Treasury Online.
    10. Log in to your MTO Account.
    11. Select “Create a New Business Relationship”.
    12. Enter your FEIN from your newly eRegistered business.
    13. Choose the type of task you will perform on behalf of your business
      1. Manage Business Account Information (Business registration and file and pay)
      2. File and Pay Sales, Use and Withholding taxes
    14.  Answer the security questions on behalf of the business.
    15. An Access Code will be emailed to the email address that you used when you created your user profile.
    16. Once you have entered the Access Code and hit “Submit”, the business card of the business you established a relationship to will appear on your home page.
    17. Select the business card, you can now perform tasks on behalf of your business with the Michigan Department of Treasury.


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