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Troubleshoot MTO Error Messages

Click here to troubleshoot MTO error messages by error code

MTO error messages are used to inform system users that MTO stopped working at a particular point. Regardless of the type of error message received, the reason for the error is the same – MTO has lost connection with Treasury’s servers. MTO connection loss can occur for a variety of reasons, the root cause can be on Treasury’s side or the user’s side.

If you repeatedly receive an MTO error message, complete all of the following steps. Be sure to reattempt your MTO transaction after each step:

  • Verify you are using an MTO supported web browser: Chrome, IE10 and higher, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  • Log out of the MTO session and exit the browser completely 
  • Shutdown computer and restart 
  • Clear browser cache 
  • Switch web browsers and/or computers if possible.  

If you continue to receive the error message after completing the steps referenced above, please contact the Treasury Customer Service Center during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am - 4:45 pm EST):  

  • Essential Services Assessment (ESA) customers call 517-241-0310
  • Registration and Sales, Use, Withholding (SUW) customers call 517-636-6925.