Records Management Training - Online

Note:  online training can be taken at any time by clicking on the links below, and do not require pre-registration.

Quick Hits: These short online tutorials (less than fifteen minutes each) focus on a specific records management topic.

  • Introduction to Records Management: This online tutorial provides a brief introduction to the records management responsibilities of Michigan government employees. (14 minutes)
  • To Keep or Not to Keep?: This online tutorial defines what is an official record that needs to be kept in compliance with a Retention and Disposal Schedule, and what are unofficial records that can be destroyed to save money and reduce risk. (9 minutes)
  • Filing and Storing Records: This online tutorial provides information about how to file and store records effectively. (9 minutes)
  • Understanding Records Retention: This online tutorial explains what records Retention and Disposal Schedules are, and how they help agencies manage records. (8 minures)
  • Records Clean-up: This online tutorial encourages government agencies to destroy records on a regular basis in compliance with an approved schedule. (7 minutes)
  • Email Management: This online tutorial provides information about how to manage email records. (10 minutes)
  • Email Organization: This online tutorial provides tips for keeping a clean email account. (20 minutes)
  • Snack It & Pack It: This online tutorial provides tips for how to clean up your office. (8 minutes)
  • Destruction of Confidential Records: This online tutorial encourages agencies to destroy confidential records using a method that ensures the information cannot be re-constructed or accessed inappropriately. (9 minutes)

The Essentials: These classes provide comprehensive information about records management topics.

  • Basic Records Management: This online class defines the different types of records, and explains how Retention and Disposal Schedules assist and protect Michigan government agencies. This class will help all government employees comply with their records management responsibilities. (32 minutes) (class handout)
  • How to Manage Records: This online class describes best practices for managing paper and electronic recordkeeping systems. The target audience is employees with responsibilities for managing centralized recordkeeping systems. However, many employees will benefit from the tips that are provided. (44 minutes) (class handout)
  • Document Imaging: This online class explains how to create digital images of paper records that are authentic reproductions of the originals and are compliant with Michigan laws and standards. (29 minutes) (class handout)
  • Electronic Document Management: This online class explains the benefits of using an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system to manage electronic records, including digital images, email, and more. (28 minutes) (class handout)

Updated 3/10/2021