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State Agency Buyers

For purchases under $10,000 and all delegated authority purchasing, contact the responsible state agency. The State Agency Buyer List has a complete list of agency buyers.

State of Michigan Procurement Staff Directory

For a complete list of Central Procurement staff see the Central Procurement Staff Directory:

State of Michigan Procurement

P.O. Box 30026
525 West Allegan Street
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517-284-7000
Toll free: 855-MIPURCH
Fax: 517-335-0046

DTMB Design & Construction

3rd Floor General Office Building
7150 Harris Drive
Dimondale, MI 48821
Phone: 517-284-7910

DTMB Real Estate

3rd Floor - B Wing General Office Building
7150 Harris Drive
Dimodale, MI 48821
Phone: 517-335-6877