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Vehicle Purchasing Program

2024 Model Year Vehicle Information                     


Notes from the State Buyer: 
The market conditions may result in the following:

  1. Current pricing may not be available.
  2. Purchase orders may be required as "order verification."
  3. Ordering dates for particular makes and models have passed.
  4. Future ordering dates for particular makes and models are within a small window of time.
  5. Pricing is subject to change until the vehicle is scheduled for a final production date. 

Step 1: Find your vehicle
The following vehicles and accessories are available for purchase:

  • Vehicles: a wide variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and police vehicles are available. E85, hybrid and EV vehicles are included.
  • Other vehicles and accessories: truck bodies, heavy duty truck chassis, winter maintenance truck build-up (up-fitting) and tires.

Review the MiDEAL Vehicle spreadsheet to locate the vehicle(s) your organization wants to purchase. This spreadsheet contains the spec numbers (column A), descriptions (column B), model years (column C), makes (column D), models (column E), awarded dealers (column F), price instructions (column G), delivery per mile (column H), critical order dates (column I) and notes (column J). Make note of the spec number(s) to use in Step 2.

Step 2: Review the spec book
Review the applicable spec books listed below before you make a purchase to ensure the vehicle(s) have the options and standard equipment you desire, as the State of Michigan's specs do not always match factory packages. 

Step 3: Secure quotes from dealerships
A best practice is to get three quotes from the pre-qualified list of dealers to satisfy the second-tier competitive bid process. The complete list of dealers and contracts are available on our MiDEAL Dealers webpage

Contact the MiDEAL team with questions about the MiDEAL vehicle purchasing program at

The Vehicle Purchasing Program is NOT available for citizens to purchase vehicles and citizens are not eligible to join as a member. Citizens looking for assistance with vehicles should contact their local DHS specialist