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Michigan Geographic Framework (MGF) Local Data Partnerships

The Center for Shared Solutions strives to form working partnerships that will result in explicit improvements to Framework.These improvements must benefit CSS and its business partners, as well as fulfill the needs of its local partners.

The goal for these partnerships is to introduce cost savings by reducing duplication of efforts while making a uniformed Base Map, thus increasing efficiency with information flow and use at local, state, and federal levels.CSS would like the local entity to review the posted documents to evaluate whether a partnership is of interest to them.

If you would like more information, please contact Laura Blastic ( (517)373-7910.

This document provides an overview of the MGF and outlines the policies for a local data partnership.If there is an interest in establishing a partnership after reviewing this document, contact CSS to arrange a Local MGF Partnership Interest meeting.

This document outlines talking points used during the Local MGF Partnership Interests meeting with the Center for Shared Solutions.These points will help both parties decide whether entering a partnership is beneficial.If it is agreed that a partnership is to be established, then a work plan will be formalized.

This is a document outlining a generic work plan.Each formal work plan will be customized for each individual Local Data Partnership. Once both parties agree upon a work plan, data exchange can begin.