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MiSAIL Program Overview

Since 2004, the State Of Michigan has been working to acquire high resolution digital aerial photography to assist in the geo-spatial data needs of State employees and to provide high quality images as a backdrop for State Of Michigan internet mapping applications.


Michigan Statewide Authoritative Imagery (MiSAIL) and LiDAR program accomplishes the following goals:  

  • Offer consistent high resolution statewide digital aerial photography and LiDAR acquisition services and products.
  • Add to the SOM Repository of high resolution statewide digital aerial photography acquired through the program.
  • Create an avenue for State, Local, Tribal, and Federal government entities to acquire high quality imagery and LiDAR data.
  • Maintain access for aerial photography partners to the State of Michigan managed viewing service
  • Implement a regional imagery acquisition approach. MiSAIL Regional Imagery Acquision Planning Map


Access to high quality digital aerial photography has created a demand for more data at better resolution collected more frequently. The State is able to extend the services and pricing established through the MiSAIL contracts to MiDEAL members which may include, but is not limited to, Local, Federal, and Tribal government entities.