Vehicle Purchasing

September 2018 UPDATE: 2019 pricing now available! The current MiDEAL Vehicle List is now updated with 2019 pricing.  For vehicles not on this list which were on before, the dealership did not rollover pricing to the 2019 prices, therefore the buyer will need to put these specs out to bid.  2019 pricing for these vehicles will be added as available.

Local government looking to save money on vehicle purchases? State of Michigan Procurement can help with the MiDEAL Vehicle Purchasing program! With MiDEAL you can leverage the buying power of the state and get State of Michigan pricing on vehicles and other equipment.

MiDEAL is a cooperative purchasing program that allows government units to buy from the state's contracts. Our expert buyers have done all the work for you; contracts, pricing, and conditions are already in place. Info on how to buy and the comprehensive MiDEAL Vehicle List are available below. 

Visit the MiDEAL - How to Join page for details on how to become a MiDEAL member. There is a nominal fee to join MiDEAL.

How To Purchase Vehicles With MiDEAL

If you are a MiDEAL member the process for purchasing is:

Find Your Vehicle

Find Your Desired Vehicles on the MiDEAL Vehicle SpreadsheetCheck the MiDEAL Vehicle Spreadsheet below and locate the vehicle(s) you want to buy. Truck body, heavy duty truck chassis, winter maintenance truck build-up, and tire purchases are also available. More info is available below.

Make note of the price, Spec. No. and Awarded Dealer. The MiDEAL Vehicle Spreadsheet includes all relevant pricing info including any applicable delivery costs.

Review the Spec Sheet

Note the specification number once you select your vehicle(s). Then go to the spec book for detailed specification information. The spec book is in numerical order. State of Michigan Procurement encourage reviewing the Spec Sheet before you purchase. This ensures the vehicles chosen have the options and standard equipment you want; State of Michigan specifications do not always match factory packages.

Purchase the Vehicle From Awarded Dealer

To purchase a vehicle through the MiDEAL program, contact the dealer listed on the spreadsheet directly. Vehicles are purchased directly from dealers listed on the MiDEAL Vehicle Spreadsheet. Dealer contact info is available below.


MiDEAL Vehicle Purchasing Details

Who Can Use MiDEAL

State of Michigan Procurement's MiDEAL Vehicle Purchasing program is open to MiDEAL members. This includes:​

  • Authorities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Municipalities. This includes:
    • Cities
    • Counties
    • Townships
    • Road Commissions
    • Villages
  • Non-profit Hospitals
  • Non-public Schools
  • Public Academies
  • School Districts

What You Can Buy


A wide variety of cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and police vehicles are available. E85, hybrid and EV vehicles are included.

Other Vehicles and Accessories

  • Truck Bodies
  • Heavy Duty Truck Chassis
  • Winter Maintenance Truck Build-Up (Upfitting)
  • Tires

See the documents section below for relevant info.


MiDEAL does not cover individual vehicle leasing. MiDEAL does have a negotiated contract for fleet leasing.


MiDEAL Documents & Purchasing Info

Quick Reference Guide for purchasing a MiDeal Vehicle

MiDEAL Vehicle Purchasing Documents

The current MiDEAL Vehicle List spreadsheet lists vehicles available through the MiDEAL program. All information, including specification numbers and the dealership awarded each vehicle, are found in this spreadsheet.

Vehicle Purchasing Dealer Info

For pricing info see the MiDEAL Vehicle Spreadsheet.

Berger Chevrolet
Bob Evans
Phone: 616-575-9629
Contract Number 071B7700177

Todd Wenzel Chevrolet
Albert Li
Phone 734-721-1144 ext 4265
Contract Number 071B7700178

Jorgensen Ford Sales
Bill McCarthy
Phone:  313-584-8733
Contract Number 071B7700179

OwossoMotors Inc/Signature Ford
Bill Campbell
Phone:  888-923-5338 ext 229
Contract Number 071B7700180

Galeana's Van Dyke Dodge
Dennis Christina
Phone: 586-510-4602
Contract Number 071B7700182

Gorno Ford
Jim Agney
Phone: 734-671-4033
Contract Number 071B7700181

Lafontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Tony Sasso
Phone: 517-394-1022
Contract Number 071B7700183

Todd Wenzel GMC Buick
Albert Li
Phone: 734-721-1144, ext. 4265
Contract Number 071B7700184

Vehicle Fleet Leasing Info

Wheels, Inc.
Fleet Management Services
Jeff Leffler
Phone: 224-567-1394
Contract Number 071B3200092 

Heavy Duty Truck Chassis Info

D & K Freightliner/Western Star of Lansing
Edward Merrill
Phone: 517-484-1905
Contract Number 071B6600119

Michigan Kentworth, LLC
MaryAnn Hogan
Phone: 616-281-8610, ext. 435
Contract Number 071B6600121 

Tri-County International Trucks Inc.
Jeremy Kast
Phone: 517-783-2721 ext 3612
Contract Number 071B6600122


Buildup & Equipment Upfitting Info

Knapheide Truck Equipment Co.
Equipment Upfitting
Contract Number 071B77000087

Truck & Trailer Specialties Inc. 
Truck Buildup Parts
Contract Number 071B5500010

Truck & Trailer Specialties Inc.
Contract Number 071B7700086

Versalift Midwest LLC Prev Cannon Equip
Aerial Towers and Equipment
Contract Number 071B77000166



Contact MiDEAL Vehicle Purchasing

If you'd like help or have any questions about MiDEAL or the Vehicle Purchasing program please contact Mary Hanses, State of Michigan Procurement's MiDEAL program coordinator:

Mary Hanses
MiDEAL Program Coordinator
Phone: 517-388-4558