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DTMB Cares: DTMB employee makes a difference around his Lansing neighborhood

Hosmer Street Cleanup

Ryan Kost, from DTMB's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection team, has been doing his part to show how much he cares his neighbors and the Lansing community. During the past few months, Ryan has been committed to cleaning up trash in and around Lansing even after his eight hours of community leave was used up.

"I took my volunteer time and used that, as well as all my time after work and weekends, and have been cleaning up the trash from the city with a few people helping when they could. I have removed over 100 bags of trash, plus bulk items, and you can now drive next to Frandor on Homer and not see trash, as well as the Main and Holmes streets intersection area.

"I have been giving back as much as I can … it is the DTMB way to give back! I felt a pulling to share this as positivity vibes are infectious!  These are, by far, not all the photos. Most of the time, I just got the job done."

Ryan has walked up and down every street in his neighborhood with his trolley and bags and collected all the trash floating around and in the gutters -- that's nine streets total at 3-block lengths. He also helps others when they can't get out. Ryan took on cleaning up an extra street while the volunteer originally responsible for clean-up in that area recovered from knee replacement surgery. At the same time, Underpass cleanupRyan took it on himself to provide the homeless in the area with water and trash bags. He said he knows his efforts are just a start, but he credits DTMB with giving him the sense of service to go out and serve as much as he can for as long as he can.

Ryan's efforts have caught the attention of others. Ryan and his husband Daniel were formally recognized for their neighborhood and city clean-up efforts by the Lansing City Council. Additionally, Ryan has been highlighted in the Lansing State Journal and Fox 47 News.

Trash Bags