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Resolve to protect your personal info in 2023 with Michigan Secure

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The hustle and bustle from holiday festivities has drawn to a close, gift bags have been put away, and the confetti from New Year’s celebrations has been swept up. The welcoming of 2023 has come and gone, with millions of people working to make a commitment to keep their New Year’s resolutions. It’s not too late to join in and make 2023 the year you commit to being safe online by downloading Michigan Secure, a free mobile device protection app for Michigan residents.

Michigan Secure Shield

Offered by the State of Michigan, Michigan Secure protects against unsecure Wi-Fi, allows users to check for phishing links and unsafe QR codes, and alerts users if there are existing malicious threats on their device. Best of all, privacy is at the forefront of the app. It does not collect any user data, nor does it require any sign-on information to use.

Cybercriminals can infiltrate every corner of the digital ecosystem, including free Wi-Fi networks. They pose as a trustworthy connection, making it difficult for an individual to differentiate between the legitimate source and the fake connection. If an unsuspecting user connects to the infiltrated network, any information they input while on the device, including personal and financial data, is placed directly into the hands of a cybercriminal. With Michigan Secure, users will receive an alert if they are connected to a network containing suspicious activity, giving opportunity to disconnect before information is stolen.

Phishing is also a popular scheme of cybercriminals. Phishing occurs when a malicious actor poses as a reliable source or organization and sends a request via text message, email, or social media to gain personal information. Despite the body of the message claiming that the sender is a trustworthy source, the link is malicious and when clicked, leads the recipient to a fake site that was specifically created with the intent to steal information. Michiganders can prevent falling victim to a phishing attack by long pressing on a link and checking it with Michigan Secure to know if it is safe or embedded with attempts to steal information.

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Protect yourself – and your loved ones – this year with Michigan Secure. Visit the App Store for iOS devices at Michigan Secure on the App Store ( and Google Play for Android devices and Chromebooks at Michigan Secure - Apps on Google Play or learn more at