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State of Michigan takes home gold and silver for procurement excellence at 2023 Cronin Awards

The State of Michigan Procurement Services was recognized by the National Association of Procurement Officers (NASPO) for procurement excellence. NASPO is the primary trade organization for state procurement agencies and seeks to help members achieve success as public procurement leaders through promotion of best practices, education, professional development, research, and innovative procurement strategies.

The State of Michigan took home two awards this year:

  • Supplier Lifecycle Management (Gold Award winner) - Michigan’s public procurement professionals want a healthy potential supplier community and to foster substantial competition, but managing these relationships and addressing performance issues can be challenging. By taking a new “Lifecycle” approach, Michigan has a new transparency-focused posture that seeks to engage suppliers and potential suppliers throughout the lifecycle of each contract. This marks the second year in a row that State of Michigan Procurement Service has received a Gold Award. 
  • IT Procurement Training (Silver Award winner) - The integration of IT into everyday products and services means IT procurement is no longer a specialization within public procurement, but a growing element of commodities and service contracts. With the creation of the Achievement in Michigan Procurement (AMP) 1+ IT training program, Michigan’s Central Procurement Services Professional Development Section is preparing its procurement professionals for the inevitable necessity of understanding “IT Procurement.”

NASPO's George Cronin Awards for Procurement Excellence recognize outstanding state procurement initiatives—appreciating the work that procurement personnel have undertaken and the projects they have accomplished that result in distinct benefits to their state in economy, efficiency, delivery of services, or some combination of each. By calling attention to these efforts, the Cronin Awards serve as a means to disseminate and encourage adoption of these initiatives by other states. In this way, Cronin awardees and finalists create opportunities for improving the procurement function nationwide.