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State departments to celebrate 12th annual Michigan Social Media Day June 30

On June 30, the State of Michigan will celebrate the 12th annual Michigan Social Media Day and the 15th Social Media Day worldwide. First recognized by digital media site Mashable in 2010, Social Media Day acknowledges the impact social media has on our daily lives and how we use it to communicate.

“Michigan Social Media Day celebrates the advancements of technology, digital innovation, and the connection social media provides in its increasing influence on government, business, and education,” said Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist II. “I encourage every Michigander to use social media as a tool for good, to listen, and to engage in meaningful conversations. Together, we can create vibrant online communities where people feel welcomed and accepted.”

 Screenshot of the 2024 Social Media Day in Michigan proclamation. Includes top half of the proclamation.

View and download a full copy of the 2024 Michigan Social Media Day proclamation.

“Since 2008, state departments have been using social media to expand constituent outreach, build two-way relationships, and bridge communication gaps by connecting with users where they feel most comfortable,” said Andrew Belanger, statewide social media director and digital content administer with the Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget (DTMB). “Social media plays an integral role in the way we connect and how government units across Michigan and the nation promote their programs, people, and services.”

As the third U.S. state to officially recognize Social Media Day in 2012, Michigan has and continues to be a leader in its use. In 2024, the State of Michigan social media program surpassed 11 million followers. The state gained over 2 million of these followers with the proactive adoption and use of its official Nextdoor agency page. Today, more than 800 executive branch social media accounts across 11 platforms are encouraging the state’s followers to voice their opinions, contribute ideas, and help shape policies.

“Our use of social media helps enhance transparency, streamline customer service, expand collaboration among partners, and improve communication and information exchange with the public,” Belanger added. “We help people, businesses, and communities stay informed, in real time, throughout the year and in times of crisis.”

The state’s citizen-centric use of social media over the years has led to numerous awards and recognitions, including an “A” rating for social media strategy by StateTech and numerous digital experience awards.

  • Michigan was named a 2023 Government Experience Overall finalist by the Center for Digital Government. The award recognized the state’s effort to align user experiences across websites, applications, and social media.
  • The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was named a finalist in Government Social Media’s 2024 Golden Post Awards program, taking home the best podcast award for its DNR Wildtalk Podcast.

Photo of the DNR's 2024 Golden Post Award for best podcast.

"Our goal with the podcast is to go beyond the dissemination of information by making it a dynamic and interactive platform for wildlife enthusiasts,” said Rachel Lincoln, wildlife outreach coordinator in the DNR’s Wildlife Design, Outreach and Communication Unit. “Each episode not only educates but also actively involves the audience, transforming listeners into participants.”
  • Several agencies topped the 100 list from FeedSpot's 2024 Best Michigan Podcasts, including Talking Michigan Transportation, The Michigan Opportunity Podcast, Tune In with Michigan's Public Safety Communications System, The Wildtalk Podcast, and Travel Michigan podcast. The Treasury Talk podcast came in at No. 4 on the 10 Best Treasury Podcasts and Tune in with Michigan's Public Safety Communications System came in at #10 on the 30 Best Public Safety Podcasts. Check out and listen to our many state agency podcasts.
  • The Michigan Economic Development Corporation surpassed 8.5 million views for their Have it Here | The Michigan Life YouTube video. The video is part of a larger marketing initiative announced last year to market the state as home of opportunity for all. The campaign highlights business, natural wonder, and quality-of-life opportunities in Michigan to attract new residents.
  • The Executive Office of the Governor digital team was awarded a 2024 Webby Award. Their Governor Barbie campaign earned a social, public service, and activism category award, and an honorable mention in the advertising, media and PR, best viral PR campaign category.
  • The Michigan Gaming Control Board was recognized as a finalist in the 2023 Shorty Awards as an integrated marketing, social good campaign for its Don’t Regret the Bet campaign. The campaign has previously been recognized with three platinum-level awards— including a Platinum MarCom Award, a Platinum dotCOMM Award, and a Platinum Viddy Award.
  • Several state agencies, including the Michigan Department of Treasury; the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy; the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services; the Statewide Drinking Water Advisory Council; and the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity were recognized for their efforts by the Central Michigan Public Relations Society of America at the 2024 PACE Awards. State agencies received numerous awards for social and digital strategies, highlighting the professional skill, creativity, and resourcefulness of staff.

Across state agencies, dedicated social media professionals are managing, strategizing, developing content, and engaging robust communities of followers. Staff help humanize government, educate users on diverse programs and services, and promote Michigan as a great place to visit, live, work, and do business. Staff from across agencies are frequent presenters at national, regional, and local conferences on the state’s use of social media.

Several state employees are helping shape national government social media best practices as part of the Government Social Media (GSM) professional association, the first public sector social media association supporting members in the U.S. and Canada, founded in 2015. Michigan holds seats on GSM’s Membership Council and all three professional association committees.

Belanger is serving his second year as president of the GSM professional association Membership Council, Northeast Region council representative, and membership committee co-chair. Lisa Gass, communications representative and social media strategist for the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) is serving on the awards committee. Stephanie Yancer, social media coordinator for the DNR is serving on the training committee.

“In Michigan we have a robust interagency collaboration of teams, training, best practices and resources,” mentioned Yancer. “Many agencies across the U.S. are not as fortunate. Through our involvement in GSM’s Membership Council and its committees, we are able to benefit from their services while helping shape national best practice."

“Michigan has a long history of doing social well,” stated Gass. “With numerous teams being recognized on the national stage as award finalists and winners, the state understands the critical value social media provides in connecting with our online communities. I’m proud to represent Michigan and the MDOC on the national stage.”

Their work, and the work of other government social media professionals across state government is helping drive the industry forward while highlighting the value government social media professionals can play in government communications.

On this day and every day, the state encourages users to be a positive force for change and use social media as a tool to listen and to engage in meaningful conversations. You can view Gov. Whitmer’s 2024 Michigan Social Media Day proclamation, access Michigan Social Media Day resources, and learn more about the state’s use of social media by visiting,