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How to Use A Contract

  1. Visit the Contracts webpage to view the contracts available to MiDEAL Members.
  2. Make direct contact with the designated vendor to make a purchase.
  3. If you don't find the contract you need, contact us to see if we can help.

Important notes on using contracts:

  • The State has not determined or can guarantee that MiDEAL contracts will meet local purchasing ordinances or policies.
  • The following actions are a violation of the MiDEAL Extended Purchasing Program and are grounds for removal from the program: 
    • Purchases made for personal use or consumption by any individual public employee.
    • Purchasing from MiDEAL contracts with the sole intent to resell the item.

    The contracts appearing on this site are available to MiDEAL members.  The MiDEAL Contract List link  is a searchable alphabetical list of all contracts available through the program; the list also includes a link to each contract.  Each contract includes a "bookmark" taking the viewer directly to the pricing pages of the contract.  Contracts on this list are competitively bid. Questions or comments may be referred to the MiDEAL program at

How to Join

Join MiDEAL by sending the following information to to apply for membership: organization name, contact name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. 

After applying, the MiDEAL staff will send a welcome packet, member invoice and a one-page membership agreement. New members will receive a member ID once the state processes the member's annual payment. Contact Mary Hanses with additional questions at 517.388.4558. 

SIGMA/VSS Information

The State of Michigan posts bid opportunities on the SIGMA VSS system. SIGMA VSS replaced Buy4Michigan and Contract and Payment Express, providing one secure location for vendors to respond to solicitations and track payment information. 

MiDEAL members may post their solicitations on SIGMAVSS. Instructions regarding the system are shown below.
SIGMA Local Entities Job Aid
SIGMA Local Entities Reference Manual

MiDEAL Membership List

The MiDEAL Membership List is updated weekly, or as new members join. Vendors are expected to check this list prior to conducting business with a local unit of government to determine eligibility. If you have any questions concerning membership status, please contact Mary Hanses at 517-388-4558.